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Blank 4-Gang Wall Plate

> Blank Wall Plates and Face Plates
Blank 4-Gang Wall Plate
The DataPro 7000-4 Blank Face Plate is ready for your customization, or just leave it blank to cover an existing low-voltage panel or four-gang-sized secret cubbyhole. Just kidding, we know you don't have a secret cubbyhole where you stash all your gold and secret notes. Certainly not hidden in the wall behind a blank 4G wall plate. Wink.  

7000-4-ALU   Faceplate 4G Blank Aluminum   EACH $ 9.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-4-AZD   Faceplate 4G Anodized Aluminum   EACH $ 15.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-4-WHT   Faceplate 4G Blank White   EACH $ 17.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-4-Z   Faceplate 4G Blank Steel   EACH $ 14.95   In stock   Add to Cart

Technical documents are available upon request for authorized usage.

Contact us if you require drawings or 3D models to integrate this product into your project.

Design your own custom plate now!
Try our easy-to-use Custom Plate Designer utility.

These plates will hold roughly four times the number of connectors as a single-gang plate, and twice as many as a two-gang plate. Use them for not just some of the connectors, but ALL of the connectors!

You can have them custom-cut to your specifications, using any variety of connectors you choose. A great solution for studios and editing suites, computer labs, home theaters, and server closets, custom plates like this provide an accessible way to interface with your hardware while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

The 7000-4 series face plates are made for fitting onto any 4-gang low-voltage-box mount, similar to a quadruple AC outlet or light switch box. Their rugged design and professional look make these plates an ideal solution for any type of cable management and in-wall (or in-ceiling) wire termination.

Eight flathead mounting screws are included with each plate, to fit any standard quadruple/four gang surface-mount box or 'in-the-wall'-type switch box.

For information about selecting, installing, and using wall plates in your applications, see our Guide to Face Plates.


  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 4.50" (210mm x 114mm)

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