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Data Switch Manual RJ45

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Data Switch Manual RJ45
The DataPro RJ45 manual switch box allows you to change telephone or 10Mb Ethernet connections with a rotary switch. There's nothing quite so satisfying as the resounding "THUNK" of a rotary data switch, perfect for steampunk and super-villain applications.  

2045-02C   Data Switch Manual RJ45   2:1 $ 25.95   23 in stock   Add to Cart
2045-04C   Data Switch Manual RJ45   4:1 $ 29.95   26 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 2045 series of data switches is a manual, rotary knob type data switch, specifically meant for sharing an RJ45 connection between multiple devices. For example, if two machines were to share an exclusive IP address, this manual switch would allow you to toggle between them without ever having them connected at the same time.

It features "Break-Before-Make" switching. This means that the existing connection is broken BEFORE a new connection is made. The benefit here is a lower risk of shorts and current spikes.

These handsome products are housed in a durable metal box and are fully shielded and grounded. Their bold 80's style makes a prominent statement about the rugged durability of your network, and their substantial heft and construction make them suitable weapons in the event of a zombie outbreak or other apocalyptic scenario.

In addition to RJ45 Ethernet networks, these boxes could be used to switch telephones or RS232/RS485 devices running over RJ45 connectors.

All connectors are female RJ45 jacks with all 8 wires connected. The terminals are pinned straight-through.

NOTE that this product is not Category-rated; it has been known to work with 10-Base-T (10 Mbps) Ethernet, but is very unlikely to work with 100-Base-TX (100 Mbps) networks, and is not guaranteed to work with high-speed network signals at all.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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