Keystone RCA Coupler

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Keystone RCA Coupler

CCK-RCA-BLK   Coupler Keystone RCA WHT/BLK   BLK $ 7.95   239 in stock   Add to Cart
CCK-RCA-BLU   Coupler Keystone RCA WHT/BLU   BLU $ 7.95   54 in stock   Add to Cart
CCK-RCA-GRN   Coupler Keystone RCA WHT/GRN   GRN $ 7.95   234 in stock   Add to Cart
CCK-RCA-RED   Coupler Keystone RCA WHT/RED   RED $ 7.95   77 in stock   Add to Cart
CCK-RCA-WHT   Coupler Keystone RCA WHT/WHT   WHT $ 7.95   350 in stock   Add to Cart
CCK-RCA-YEL   Coupler Keystone RCA WHT/YEL   YEL $ 7.95   42 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro CCK-RCA series allows you to easily and mount RCA connections into any available keystone jack. Each gold-plated RCA connector ensures the clearest possible quality regardless of whether your sending video, audio, or digital data, and the wide selection of stock colors offer complete flexibility for your aesthetic needs.

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