Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2

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Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2
You know those awkward times when a friend shows up with a 3.5mm plug, and all you've got is dual RCA inputs? Avoid this faux pas (and many others!) with the pre-emptive installation of a panelmount stereo to dual RCA cable!  

1228-01C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   1 ft $ 17.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-02C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   2 ft $ 18.95   10 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-03C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   3 ft $ 19.95   10 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-04C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   4 ft $ 21.95   10 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-06C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   6 ft $ 23.95   245 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-10C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   10 ft $ 29.95   4 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-15C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   15 ft $ 35.00   1 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-25C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2   25 ft $ 39.00   2 in stock   Add to Cart
1228-00C   Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2
Custom build at $30.00 + $0.60 per foot.
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When you've got remote equipment in a stereo cabinet, overhead rack, or gear closet, and you want to provide on-site audio input (or output), nothing beats a nice panelmount cable from DataPro. But sometimes the remote equipment is ready for dual RCA inputs, but you want to have 3.5mm stereo jacks in your panel or wall plate.

In that situation (which is actually really common, you know), this is the perfect device! This awesome cable was conceived and designed for exactly that scenario, and now it's available for you to purchase. Troubles, away!

This cable features a female 3.5mm wall-mount audio jack on one end, for direct installation into a panel, and two stero-channeled RCA connectors (one for left, one for right) on the other end.

These cables are specially designed to install in our 3.5mm audio face plates, but can be mounted in any 1/4" hole, in material up to 2.5mm (0.10") thick.

To extend a 3.5mm stereo cable without splitting to dual RCA connectors, see our stereo panelmount extension cable.

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  • Allowable panel depth: 2.5mm (full mating)

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