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SCA Adaptor MultiMode LVD+SE

SCA Adaptor MultiMode LVD+SE

This product has been discontinued or is otherwise unavailable at the moment.
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The 5086 SCA Adaptor is a connector adaptor which allows the user to connect an 80-pin SCA SCSI drive to an existing 68-pin cable.

There are connections for the data cable, power cable, and there are drive ID jumpers.

This product comes in three models:

P/N 5086 is the basic adaptor;

P/N 5086-HBT is the adaptor with built-in High-Bit termination. This is only used when you have a 50-pin terminator on a 68-pin bus.

P/N 5086-LVD is the adaptor for LVD SCSI, and is also compatible with regular.

P/N 5086-HBT features "High-Bit Termination", which means that unused pins are terminated rather than left open; this increases performance and reliability, -IF- these pins are not used - however, if you are using these lines and do not want them terminated, use P/N 5086.

Generally speaking, if your controller is a 50-pin, use the HBT version; if your controller is a 68-pin, use the basic or non-terminated version.

For the DUAL (50 & 68) to 80 pin SCA Adaptor, see P/N 5080.

For the 50 to 80 pin SCA Adaptor, see P/N 5085.

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