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Other Data Cables

DataPro Product Catalog > Legacy Cables > Other Data Cables
Not every connection is as simple or pervasive as USB, which is why DataPro stocks a vast selection of uncommon, proprietary, and phased-out interface cables.
Other Data Cables > Internal Components
   We carry components to wire your internal hardware, including IDE and rounded IDE, Serial ATA, and adaptors.
  > Cisco Cables
   More than just Cisco 675/678 modem cables, we stock a full line of Cisco CAB V.35 and Smart Serial cables in many configurations, for whatever your Cisco hardware needs.
  > Bay Networks Cables
   DataPro is proud to offer a wide selection of replacement cables for Nortel Bay Networks, Synoptics, and Wellfleet, available in dozens of configurations and custom-built promptly.
  > HPIB/GPIB Cables
   Our HPIB/GPIB cables can keep your machines interfaced effectively and easily, with screw-lock security and dual-ended daisy-chainable Centronics male and female connectors. Almost exclusive to large industrial applications, the HPIB and GPIB interfaces are incredibly robust and well-loved, despite their age.