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 Add Pelican Quick Mount Brackets

Pelican Quick Mount Brackets These brackets can be installed with adhesive, avoiding mounting holes and maintaining waterproofing. Includes 3 packs of 4 (12 brackets).

 Add Panel-Mounting Bracket Kit

Panel-Mounting Bracket Kit These brackets install with screws, and seal with an o-ring for weatherproofing. Includes 2 packs of eight (16 brackets).

 Add Pelican 1610 Case w/Brackets

Pelican 1610 Case w/Brackets Our panel-ready Pelican cases are premodified with brackets to allow drop-in panel installation!

 Add Pelican 1610 Case Black

Pelican 1610 Case Black Don't have a Pelican case for this panel? Need a spare? Add it here! (Cases do not include foam)

 Add Pelican 1610 Sub-Panel Anodize

Pelican 1610 Sub-Panel Anodize Need an interior panel to go with that? Add a sub-panel kit!

 Add Screw 06-32 ZS Spanner Head TR

Screw 06-32 ZS Spanner Head TR Add a set of spanner head tamperproof screws to secure your panel!

 Add Screw 06-32 ZS Tamper-Resist

Screw 06-32 ZS Tamper-Resist Add a set of one-way tamperproof screws to secure your panel!

 Add DataPro Versatile Screwdriver

DataPro Versatile Screwdriver This handy screwdriver has a reversible flat/Phillips tip on one end, and a hex driver on the other. Everything you need to install panels and panel-mount cables!

Aluminum Pelican 1610 Panel
Stock Panel$131.95