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Duplex Power Outlet 120V/20A

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Duplex Power Outlet 120V/20A


ZZ-PWR-X2   Duplex Power, 120V/20A WHT   EACH $ 4.95   20 in stock   Add to Cart
ZZ-PWR-X2-BL   Duplex Power, 120V/20A BLK   EACH $ 4.95   9 in stock   Add to Cart
ZZ-PWR-X2-BR   Duplex Power, 120V/20A   BRN $ 4.95   20 in stock   Add to Cart

This is a standard 120V/20A duplex power outlet. Available in black or white to match your Feng shui and furniture!


  • 120V/20A
  • Duplex
  • Available in Black or White
  • Includes mounting hardware

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