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Duplex Power Outlet 120V/20A

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Duplex Power Outlet 120V/20A


ZZ-PWR-X2   Duplex Power, 120V/20A WHT   EACH $ 4.95   43 in stock   Add to Cart
ZZ-PWR-X2-BL   Duplex Power, 120V/20A BLK   EACH $ 4.95   16 in stock   Add to Cart
ZZ-PWR-X2-BR   Duplex Power, 120V/20A   BRN $ 4.95   20 in stock   Add to Cart

This is a standard 120V/20A duplex power outlet. Available in black or white to match your Feng shui and furniture!

No RoHS information available.

Please be sure to follow all applicable building codes and wiring standards when installing this product.


  • 120V/20A
  • Duplex
  • Available in Black or White
  • Includes mounting hardware

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