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Keystone Mounting Brackets Black

> Keystone Module Couplers, Panel-Mount Couplers
Keystone Mounting Brackets Black

Add a snap-in Keystone module to any plate, panel, or bulkhead with these convenient brackets.  

ZZ-KMB-1-BK   Keystone Mounting Bracket BLK   1X $ 5.95   198 in stock   Add to Cart
ZZ-KMB-2-BK   Keystone Mounting Bracket BLK   2X $ 5.95   37 in stock   Add to Cart

These brackets allow a Keystone module to be securely attached to a surface with a corresponding cutout. By default, our plates and panels include a white Keystone bracket -- if black better matches your aesthetic, these are perfect!

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Made from high-impact plastic
  • Includes mounting hardware

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