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NAS Adapter for USB File and Printer Sharing

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NAS Adapter for USB File and Printer Sharing

Easily share USB hard drives and printers on your network with our  Network-Attached Storage (NAS) adapter.  Now you can host network storage by sharing a  USB hard drive over your LAN, or consolidate your office by providing independent network access to your USB printer.  

UE-100   NAS Adapter/USB-Ethernet Host   EACH $ 59.00   40 in stock   Add to Cart

If you need to provide network access to files, there's no easier way to do it than with a NAS Adaptor like DataPro's UE-100. The Ethernet port connects to your network, the USB port connects to a USB hard drive, and you're done!

Compatible with most USB-mounted hard drive standards, this convenient little bugger will host a Windows File Server and and FTP server, providing direct access to the entire disk from anywhere on your network. Data collaboration, file sharing, version tracking, and media hosting are all at your fingertips, using hardware that you've already got on hand.

Additionally, the USB port supports printers as well, so you can convert a normal (boring) printer into an independent and network-accessible printer in a pinch. With just this one adaptor, your entire office can print TPS reports and LOLcats from their workstations. Imagine how grand and wonderful this world could be, and then make it a reality with DataPro's Network Attached Storage host!


  • Access your files and printers from anywhere on the network.
  • Device acts as a standard Windows and FTP file server; no drivers required!
  • 100-megabit Fast Ethernet connectivity speed.

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