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Pelican Case Services FAQ

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Can I mount a panel in a Pelican case without a frame?

Yes! While not all Pelican and Storm cases have available panel frames, panels can also be attached via brackets. DataPro provides pre-modified cases that include installed brackets, and can install brackets in virtually any type of case. Nanuk and Seahorse cases include built-in mounting points for panels.
Screw-In Bracket Kit
Screw-in Bracket Kit
These brackets attach directly to the case with screws. Although they include an O-ring for waterproofing, additional screw holes can still provide a potential ingress point for moisture.

Quick Mount Bracket Kit
Quick Mount Bracket Kit
These brackets can also be attached with adhesive to maintain the integrity of the case.

Panel-Ready Modified Cases
Panel-Ready Modified Cases
Panel-ready cases include professionally installed panel mounting brackets, making for a perfect fit and effortless installation.

What are the differences between case brands?

Mostly it comes down to what's ideal for your application, the available sizes, and any specific features you may need:
Pelican Cases
Pelican Cases
Pelican Cases have a longstanding reputation for ruggedness and reliability. They require either a Panel Frame Kit or Panel Mounting Brackets to install a panel.

Storm Cases
Storm Cases
Pelican's Storm line of cases are known for their high quality latches and handles. Most models have both a base and lid panel frame available.

Nanuk Cases
Nanuk Cases
Nanuk cases feature built-in mounting points for panels in both the base and lid, and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Can I mount a panel or equipment in the lid of a case?

Yes! Nanuk and Seahorse cases have built-in mounting points for lid panels. Storm cases have lid panel frames available, and Pelican cases can be modified to accept a lid panel.

If your project involves a lid panel, get in touch with our sales team!

Can I mount an LCD monitor in a Pelican case?

Yes! Mounting an LCD display in a case is fairly straightforward, but there are a few things to consider when designing a screen-friendly enclosure:

  • Will the screen fit the dimensions of the case?
    Consider not just the depth of the lid, but any hardware needed to mount the screen, as well as any components and connectors in the base panel that may protrude upwards.

  • Is the screen panel-mountable, either from behind or from the bezel?
    To be mounted in a case, the screen should feature mounting points. The ideal type mounts from the bezel.

  • How will it be powered?
    The screen may be self-powered, such as a tablet, powered from within the case by a battery, or you may want to consider a power inlet on the case itself to accommodate an external source.

  • How should the screen be connected to other components?
    Power and data cables can be run between lid and base panels through a grommet hole, and wire wrap can be used to protect connections.

For more information, get in touch with our sales team!

How can I mount equipment and components inside a Pelican case?

Equipment and components can be mounted to panels and internal structures using press-fit fasteners or standoffs. If your equipment requires more internal structure, we can accommodate that as well.

How waterproof are modified cases?

Most modifications to the case itself will compromise waterproofing to some degree. For example Pelican Air and Storm panels require drilling through the case to install Panel Frames, Sub-Panels, and Side Panels.

We carry a variety of waterproof connectors, components, and covers, and can accommodate requests for different levels of water resistance.

Waterproof Case Panels

Case panels generally require a panel frame or bracket to install, which is attached by drilling through the sides of the case. Optionally, they can be installed with adhesive brackets, leaving the case intact, or a Pelican Panel Frame for select models.

Waterproof Sub-Panels

Sub-panels require drilling through the bottom of the case. They can also be installed with adhesive pads, leaving the bottom of the case intact at the cost of some sturdiness.

Waterproof Side Cutouts & Panels

Side cutouts can be water resistant if IP-rated components are used. For waterproof side panels, please contact us.

What kind of connectors can I attach directly to a case?

For many connection types, we recommend Neurtik D-series compatible components for installation directly into a case, as the material is often too thick to mount standard components. Alternately, a sub-panel or inlet can be installed.

How deep can Pelican Panel Frames be mounted in the case?

This depends a little on the case. Storm panel frames can be installed up to 2" below the rim of the case. Pelican panel frames can only be installed up to 0.5" below the rim, but both can be modified to use brackets instead of frames, which can be installed at any depth. Nanuk and Seahorse cases have built-in panel mounting points which cannot be moved.

Will the case be weather safe or water resistant with the lid open and connectors installed?

With the proper use of ruggedized connectors and components, it is possible to design a panel that will be water resistant even when the lid of the case is open. Contact us for details.