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Case Accessories

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Accessories for your rugged plastic protective case and its panels!

80-3304M Surface Mountable 4-Port Power Strip With USB
Starting at
Power up to four AC devices and two USB devices with this switchable power strip.

FANCOVER 80mm Filtered Fan Grill
Starting at
This 80mm filtered fan grill is perfect for ventilating an enclosure, case, or cabinet!

IN-BEZL Pelican Storm Panel Frame Bezel Installation
 Skip the drilling and let DataPro install your Pelican Storm Panel Frame Bezel! Available for bases and lids.

IN-PF Pelican Panel Frame Installation Service
 Skip the drilling and let DataPro install your Pelican Panel Frame!

IN-PP-S Pelican Sub-Panel Installation Service
 Have your Pelican Case Sub-Panel professionally installed by DataPro

P-IM2 Storm Case Panel Frame Bezel Kit
Starting at
These weatherproof frames allow the installation of panels into the lid or base of a Pelican Storm Case.

PBRKT Pelican Quick Mount Brackets
Starting at
Install a panel in any Pelican case with these easy to mount brackets.

PBRKTSKB Rugged Case Panel Brackets Kit
Starting at
These kits contain eight (8) brackets meant to attach a case panel to a case. Each plastic bracket has a brass insert and water-resistant o-ring.

PELNAME Pelican Case Aluminum Nameplates
Starting at
Label your Pelican case with these durable anodized aluminum tags.

PF-3I SKB iSeries Panel Mounting Kit
Starting at
These kits contain everything you need to mount a case panel in several sizes of SKB iSeries cases.

PPF Pelican Panel Frame Kit
Starting at
Installing equipment or devices in a Pelican case? These watertight frames allow you to attach a panel.

PPM Pelican MOLLE Panel Lid Organizers
Starting at
The Pelican™ EZ-Click™ MOLLE panel allows you to quickly and easily add a lid organizer to a Pelican case.

RC-DISH Recessed Dish Panels
Starting at
These recessed dish panels are perfect for the outside of a Pelican case or enclosure. Available in several sizes, installation available!

ZZ-NGSKT Nanuk Case Panel Gasket
Starting at
This foam gasket sits between a Nanuk Case and Nanuk Case Panel to form a weather resistant seal.