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Installation hardware, case handles, switch guards, dust covers, and more!

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   Panel-mount cables and couplers can take a beating in rough environments, or even in transport. Protect your ports with our selection of rugged port covers that can repel dust, debris, and water!

9951 DataPro Versatile Screwdriver
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This dual-function Philips and straight blade screwdriver also includes a 5mm hex nut driver on the other end.

9992 110 Impact Tool with Cutter
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Punch punch punch your way into a network with DataPro's 110-style Punch-Down impact tool. These professional-grade terminators aren't from the future, but they can still punch like Schwarzenegger and take care of business.

FANCOVER 80mm Filtered Fan Grill
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This 80mm filtered fan grill is perfect for ventilating an enclosure, case, or cabinet!

ZZ-G-100 Aluminum Toggle Switch Guards 1in
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Add some protection to your switches with these durable and attractive aircraft style aluminum switch guards!

ZZ-G-150 Aluminum Rocker Switch Guards 1.5in
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Protect rocker switches and buttons with these square profile 1.5" aluminum switch guards!

ZZ-KEY1 USB Panel Mount Keyboard With Trackpad
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This standard size USB keyboard can be front or rear-mounted to a panel, bulkhead, or other surface.

ZZ-SCREW Mounting Screws
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Mounting screws for panel-mount cables and couplers, wall plates, and Pelican case panels. Includes tamper-resistant and other specialty screws.

ZZ-U Panel Handles/Guards
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Give your rugged case another handle or protect your panel from accidental bumps with these sturdy handles!

ZZBITSPA #4 and #6 Security Spanner Head
Starting at
#4 and #6 Spanner Bits, aka "snake eyes" style

ZZG100ST Stainless Steel Toggle Switch Guards 1in
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Protect switches and other components with these rugged 1" AISI 304 stainless steel toggle switch guards. Featuring sturdy, corrosion-resistant construction.

ZZRCASCK CCP-RCA Deep Socket 7/16, 1/4D
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This is a 7/16" socket that fits our RCA couplers.