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Panel-Mount Couplers

DataPro Product Catalog > Panel-Mount Couplers
For terminating pre-wired cable runs in wall plates, our panel-mount couplers are the perfect solution. These female-female mounts are easy to install, durable for the most demanding circumstances, and available for dozens of connector types.
Panel-Mount Couplers > Neutrik D/XLR Mount Couplers
   Connectors that fit in an XLR or Neutrik style cutout.
  > Keystone Module Couplers
   Keystone modules fit a standardized snap-in cutout, and can provide a wide range of connection types.
  > Screw-mounted Couplers
   Standard couplers that require a cutout and use fasteners for mounting.

GC Gender Changers
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Gender changers, gender benders, couplers, pass-throughs, splicers... call them what you want, we've got them! Our complete line of slim, low-profile couplers will take care of your connectivity needs, no problem!

ZZ-KMB Panel-Mount Keystone Module Brackets
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Add a snap-in Keystone module to any plate, panel, or bulkhead with these convenient brackets.

ZZKMBNEU Neutrik D Mount Keystone Brackets
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Add a Keystone-compatible bracket to any Neutrik D cutout with these handy units. Available in plastic or steel.