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Legacy Cables

DataPro Product Catalog > Legacy Cables
Legacy cables such as FireWire, SCSI, and PS/2

Legacy Cables > FireWire Cables
   For uncompromising data transfer speeds, our FireWire cables are second to none. Fully IEEE-1394 compliant, these are the ideal cables for video-editing hardware and external hard drives and optical discs.
  > SCSI
   Whether for powerful workstations, high-speed servers, or mega-storage RAID arrays, our SCSI cables, adaptors, and terminators guarantee you maximum compatibility and performance from all your SCSI hardware.
  > PS/2
   Like your old keyboard, but it's incompatible with your new computer? Mouse cord not long enough? Our full range of PS2 and USB cables and adaptors can keep humans interfacing devices in any situation.
  > Internal Components
   We carry components to wire your internal hardware, including IDE and rounded IDE, Serial ATA, and adaptors.
  > Cisco Cables
   More than just Cisco 675/678 modem cables, we stock a full line of Cisco CAB V.35 and Smart Serial cables in many configurations, for whatever your Cisco hardware needs.
  > Bay Networks Cables
   DataPro is proud to offer a wide selection of replacement cables for Nortel Bay Networks, Synoptics, and Wellfleet, available in dozens of configurations and custom-built promptly.
  > HPIB/GPIB Cables
   General Purpose Interface Bus HPIV/GPIB cables are used for short-range digital communications on legacy equipment.