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Serial & Parallel

DataPro Product Catalog > Serial & Parallel
DataPro has all the cables and electronics you need to keep your serial and parallel hardware up and running. We keep a huge variety of RS232 and IEEE-1284 cables in stock, and have thousands of configurations on file for custom assemblies.

We also stock many electronic buffers, convertors, and switches for flexible solutions to interface problems, all in the quest to keep your old equipment functional and working for you.
Serial & Parallel > Serial Cables
   For serial modem and null-modem cables, adaptors, and extensions, our selection and stock are unbeatable.
  > Parallel Cables
   25-pin and Centronics cables, stocked in numerous lengths and configurations, are available for all your parallel port connections. We also carry the Mini-Centronics connector for many older HP printer models.
  > Serial Electronics
   Convert your RS232 devices to RS422, RS485, parallel, or USB with our converters; or optimize your interface configuration with our auto-switches and buffer boxes.
  > Parallel Electronics
   We proudly carry all the auto-switches, print servers, USB and serial converters, and other electronics you need to take care of all your parallels.