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Access your electronics faster and easier than ever before with our complete line of wall-mounting cables. For remote consoles, we have VGA, DVI, USB, and PS2 cables ready to go. Installing a theater or video lab? Try our panel-mount FireWire, RCA, and 3.5mm cables. How about mounting that new flatscreen HDTV? We offer panel-mounting HDMI and DisplayPort cables. Whatever your needs, we have the cables to solve them.

Don't compromise on signal strength or accessibility. DataPro panelmount cables use only the highest grade of multi-shielded wire, so you know your data will get through intact. And the molded flush-mounting hoods with panel-mount connectors provide clean and secure ports in any location. You won't find these cables anywhere else in the world, and we have them in stock and ready to move by the hundreds or thousands.

We also offer panel-mount couplers for situations where a panel-mount cable isn't an option.

Panel-Mount Cables > USB Panel-Mount Cables
   Panel-Mount USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Gen 1 and Gen 2 cables in Type A, B, and C! Add any kind of USB port to your plate, panel, or bulkhead.
  > VGA Panel-Mount Cables
   VGA extensions, breakaways for conduit runs, and non-terminated cables complete our offering of off-the-shelf and customized mountable VGA cables.
  > Digital Video Panel-Mount Cables
   Digital video where you want it, thanks to our selection of panelmount cables for DVI, HDMI, and Displayport interfaces.
  > Audio/Video Panel-Mount Cables
   3.5mm, RCA and S-Video... these legacy video formats are not forgotten in our panelmount lineup. Ensure the highest quality connections with our premium mounting audio/video cables!
  > Serial & Parallel Panel-Mount Cables
   Older data formats, including PS2, RS232, and Parallel are still popular in many installations, and we proudly offer a full range of panel-mounting cables to support those interfaces.
  > Panel Mount Power Cables
   AC Power, and low-voltage. C13, C14, etc.
  > Panel Mount Ethernet Cables
   Panel-Mounted RJ45 Ethernet cables including Cat5, Cat6, etc.

1390 FireWire Panel-Mount to Header
Starting at
Build a FireWire 400 port directly into your case or enclosure with DataPro's FireWire motherboard cable. With header pins for direct termination to PCB, plus a molded mounting hood, this cable will install FireWire wherever you want it.

1398 FireWire Panel-Mount Extension
Starting at
Install high-speed FireWire ports anywhere with DataPro's panel-mount FireWire cables. These rugged extension cables have durable flush-mounting hoods for stability and shielded wire for fidelity. These mounting FireWire cables are compatible with our custom-cut faceplates and OEM panels, giving you remote access to FireWire devices with unprecedented convenience.

1872 Panel Mount RP-TNC Reverse Polarity Extension Cable
 Extend a reverse polarity TNC connector through a panel, plate, or bulkhead with this male to panel-mount female RP-TNC cable.

1874 Panel-Mount TNC Extension Cable
 Extend a TNC connection with DataPro’s male to panel-mount female TNC extension cable.

1876 Panel-Mount RP-SMA Extension Cable
 Extend a reverse polarity SMA connection quickly and cleanly through a plate, panel, or bulkhead with this panel-mount RP-SMA extension cable.

1877 Panel Mount SMA Extension Cable
 Route an SMA connection quickly and cleanly to a plate, panel, or bulkhead with this panel-mount SMA extension cable.

CCP-SIM Panel Mount Dual SIM Card Extension
Starting at
Extend dual Mini SIM slots up to 15.75" (400mm) with this bulkhead-mountable extension module.

CCP-SIM2 Panel Mount Dual SIM Card to Nano SIM Extension
Starting at
Features panel-mountable dual 2FF SIM slots, with Nano SIM (4FF) on the far end.