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3.5mm Stereo M to Dual RCA F

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3.5mm Stereo M to Dual RCA F
3.5mm to RCA! RCA to 3.5mm! Behold the cries of the mismatched masses, and come to their salvation with a lifesaver the size of a postage stamp.  

9007   3.5mm Stereo M to Dual RCA F   EACH $ 9.95   91 in stock   Add to Cart

Life is full of terrible things, but among the most terrible of the terrible are those things which are so close to perfection but diabolically distorted just to spite you. Ice cream headaches, bunches of keys that look identical, and RCA cables by 3.5mm jacks are just a few of these most sinister of sinister fiends.

Fortunately, the heroes at DataPro have got you covered. With the 9007-series stereo adaptor, any 3.5mm headphone jack instantly transforms into dual RCA jacks. One for the left, one for the right, this dynamic duo will triumph over monaural audio time and time again.

From your iPad to your television! From your smartphone to your stereo amp! From your computer to your surround sound system! This little friend has got nine thousand and seven uses, but all you need is one.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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