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Data Switch Manual DB25

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Data Switch Manual DB25

With these lovely dinosaurs, you can manually route RS232, IEEE-1284, or other serial/parallel data channels between multiple hosts and devices. The Break-Before-Make mechanism ensures that data will not be duplicated across transitions and that a three-way-splice is impossible.  

2025-02C   Data Switch Manual DB25   2:1 $ 19.95   17 in stock   Add to Cart
2025-04C   Data Switch Manual DB25   4:1 $ 29.95   13 in stock   Add to Cart
2025-22C   Data Switch Manual DB25   2:2 $ 29.95   7 in stock   Add to Cart

Technical documents are available upon request for authorized usage.

Contact us if you require drawings or 3D models to integrate this product into your project.

The DataPro 2025 series of data switches is a manual, pushbutton (2025-02C) or rotary knob (2025-04C, 2025-22C) data switch with Break-Before-Make type switching mechanism. For computers sharing a printer, printers sharing a computer, or most any other type of 25-pin sharing scenario, this relic from ages past still performs just that task.

These handsome products are fully grounded and shielded.

All connectors are 25-pin female DB25F (socket) type.

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