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Pelican Air Interior Sub-Panels

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Pelican Air Interior Sub-Panels

These interior panels are designed to be installed on the floor of a Pelican Air case, and can be used to mount electronics or other components  

PP-S1465-AZD   Pelican 1465 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 102.95 Ships in 2 weeks   Add to Cart
PP-S1485-AZD   Pelican 1485 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 106.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1506-AZD   Pelican 1506 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 99.95 Ships in 2 weeks   Add to Cart
PP-S1507-AZD   Pelican 1507 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 99.95   4 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-S1525-AZD   Pelican 1525 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 115.95 Ships in 2 weeks   Add to Cart
PP-S1535-AZD   Pelican 1535 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 134.95   7 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-S1555-AZD   Pelican 1555 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 131.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1556-AZD   Pelican 1556 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 113.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1557-AZD   Pelican 1557 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 115.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1595-AZD   Pelican 1595 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 160.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1605-AZD   Pelican 1605 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 151.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1606-AZD   Pelican 1606 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 134.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1607-AZD   Pelican 1607 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 140.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1615-AZD   Pelican 1615 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 186.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1626-AZD   Pelican 1626 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 159.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart
PP-S1637-AZD   Pelican 1637 Sub-Panel Anodize   BLK $ 174.95   Made on demand!   Add to Cart

PDF Download installation guide

Sub-Panel Installation Service

These machined aluminum interior panels can be installed on the floor of a Pelican Air case to mount electronics or other components. Each panel is designed to provide maximum usable space in a given case, including cutouts for interior features like handles and wheel wells. Panels are securely mounted with low-profile carriage bolts, and include 0.5" (1.27cm) standoffs to create space below the panel for cables, mounting hardware, etc.

Sub-panels are often used in conjunction with a Pelican Air Case Panel or Modified Pelican Case.

Pelican Case Panel Components


  • Standard installation is weather-resistant, but will compromise waterproofing. For waterproof installation solutions please contact us.
  • "Peli" branded cases from European suppliers may have slightly different dimensions and external features from US manufactured cases. Please double-check all measurements carefully to ensure your case is compatible. Need a sub-panel for something not listed here? Contact us for options!
  • Panel shape and mounting hardware placement may vary depending on the size and features of the associated case. For detailed design and dimensional information, please see the drawings below:

Installation Guide
Sub-Panel Installation Guide PDF Download (PDF)

Drawings & Models:

PP-S1465-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1485-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-S1507-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-S1535-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-S1555-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1556-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1557-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1595-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1605-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1606-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1607-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-S1615-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1626-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-S1637-AZDPDF Drawing (PDF) 

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Precision CNC milled
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Designed to fit specific models of Pelican Air case


  • Made from 0.080" anodized 5005 aluminum
  • Installation hardware: 1.25" Carriage Bolt (4), 0.5" Plastic Spacer (4), Hex Nut (4), Neoprene-Backed Washers (4)

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