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Even with a perfect and tested parallel cable you may encounter problems such as no response from the peripheral device. Such problems are created by various elements of the installation which need to be checked with the troubleshooting steps below.


If this occurs, the following checklist will help in identifying the problem:

  • Are all cable plugs connected tightly?
  • Are cables going to the right ports?
  • Have operating system and software been properly installed?
  • Have ports been configured properly?
  • Is AC power on for all devices?
  • Was AC power turned OFF before setting switches and jumpers?
    (Some devices require power be off while setting switches).
    If not, turn device power off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.
  • Have switches and jumpers been set properly?
  • Are cables wired as shown by the pin-to-pin diagram?
  • Are there any broken lines? Any extra pins connected?
If a printer is involved:
  • Is paper properly loaded?
  • Is ribbon (and printwheel) installed?
  • Is cover closed?
  • Is the on-line switch set "on-line"?

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