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Product Setup Guide for UP-100

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Printing to Parallel Printers via USB

These are the instructions for configuring Windows 2000 to
print to a parallel printer via our USB to parallel convertor:

(Windows 2000 - may vary for other versions of Windows)

  1. Open the "Add/Remove Hardware" control panel.
  2. Select "Add/Troubleshoot a device".
  3. Select "Add a new device".
  4. Select "No, I want to select my hardware from a list".
  5. Select "Printers".
  6. Select "Use the following port:" and use the port "USB001" or "USB002".
  7. Find your printer type (click "Have Disk..." if you have a disk or downloaded drivers).
  8. Select "Replace existing driver".
  9. Name your printer and select "Yes" to use the printer as default.
  10. Choose whether or not to share the printer over the network.
  11. Choose whether or not to print a test page (I recommend "Yes").
  12. Click "Finish" and you're done.

Written by Blair Sherman for DataPro International Inc.
Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited.