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DataPro Product Catalog

Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases
DataPro carries a variety of waterproof rugged plastic cases - including Pelican, Storm, and Nanuk.

Wall Plates & Panels
Our specialty custom-cut faceplates and wallplates can solve even the most complicated wiring problems. We stock a complete line of standard connectors and configurations, and all of our wall plates are designed to fit our vast selection of panel-mount cables and mounting couplers.

DataPro manufactures and modifies a variety of enclosures, cases, and housings. We also carry panels for Pelican, Storm, Seahorse cases, and more.

Panel-Mount Cables
Need to terminate a cable in a plate or frontpanel? Our exclusive line of molded panel-mount cables are the perfect solution. For video, USB, and more, we've got the flush-mounting cable for you.

Panel-Mount Couplers
While not as secure or well-shielded as panel-mount cables, our couplers are accessible mounting attachments for any faceplate.

Rugged Cables
Cables of above-average durability - weatherproof, waterproof, IP67, and more!

Dust Covers
Panel-mount cables and couplers can take a beating in rough environments, or even in transport. Protect your ports with our selection of rugged port covers that can repel dust, debris, and water!

Accessories & Hardware
Installation hardware, case handles, switch guards and more!

USB Cables
Let DataPro fulfill all your USB needs! We stock all of the cables, hubs, and other electronics you could need for Universal Serial Bus 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, and more! And all of our cables are built with top-quality shielded wire for the strongest, fastest signal possible.

Video Cables
Nobody does video cabling like DataPro. We stock the world's largest variety of DVI cables and VGA cables, including our exclusive non-terminated splice cables and panel-mount cables. And of course our expert assemblers can custom-build to your exact specifications.

Serial & Parallel
Don't let USB push your serial and parallel devices into the garbage. We stock a full line of RS232 serial and parallel cables, adaptors, and electronics to let you get the most out of your trusted hardware.

Audio Cables
We stock a wide range of stereo 3.5mm and dual RCA audio cables, extension cables, panel-mount cables, and adaptors... for all your audio needs

Power Cables
Our PC power extensions will keep you plugged in, while our complete line of international power cords gives you the freedom to travel—without worrying about how to plug in your computer.

Without a network, it's just a computer, so use DataPro networking cables and electronics to ensure that you never lose contact with the interwebs. We stock thousands of patch cables in dozens of lengths and colors, and can custom-assemble just what you need in unbeatable time.

FireWire Cables
For uncompromising data transfer speeds, our FireWire cables are second to none. Fully IEEE-1394 compliant, these are the ideal cables for video-editing hardware and external hard drives and optical discs.

Fiber Optic
Data at the speed of light. Our patch cables, adaptors, and transceivers make light-speed communication a straightforward task, giving you the bandwidth you need without breaking the bank.

Whether for powerful workstations, high-speed servers, or mega-storage RAID arrays, our SCSI cables, adaptors, and terminators guarantee you maximum compatibility and performance from all your SCSI hardware.

Like your old keyboard, but it's incompatible with your new computer? Mouse cord not long enough? Our full range of PS2 and USB cables and adaptors can keep humans interfacing devices in any situation.

Other Data Cables
For specific data interfaces, we've got you covered. From internal components like IDE and Serial ATA, to highly specialized interfaces like Cisco, HPIB/GPIB, and V.35, we stock or can custom-build whatever you need.

Manual Switches
The most economical solution for hardware sharing is the rotary data switch, and we keep a full stock of all types. From BNC and serial to USB and VGA, we have the switchbox solution for you.

Wireless Products
Unprecedented freedom and mobility are the perks of an 802.11 wireless network, and DataPro can help you make the most of them. Our exclusive wireless antennas and extension cables will maximize your network's range and strength, and can of course be custom-ordered.

Clearance & Specials
Look no further for great deals! Here you can find discounted items and special offers.

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