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Data Switch Manual VGA Monitor

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Data Switch Manual VGA Monitor

2115-02C   Data Switch Manual VGA Monitor   2:1 $ 22.95   15 in stock   Add to Cart
2115-04C   Data Switch Manual VGA Monitor   4:1 $ 29.95   26 in stock   Add to Cart

If you want to feel like a super-villain or a 1960's super-scientist, while having manual selection of multiple VGA inputs or outputs, this switch box is the perfect solution. It's a sturdily-crafted rotary box that works as a many-to-one or one-to-many distributor.

This unit features female DH15 connectors, the three-row 15-pin female connector known as VGA. It features a substantial rotating switching mechanism that implements a Break-Before-Make method, ensuring that the old signal is completely disconnected before the new one is connected, so there is no risk of shorting or spiking.

Most importantly, this switch is a large, heavy, metal behemoth that represents the make-it-last-forever mentality of early computer electronics. They are perfect for underground bunkers, retro-sci-fi labs, time machines, and anywhere that a resounding Ca-CHUNK is more suitable than a soft and dainty 'click'.

To connect this switch to a computer or mounting plate or other VGA jack, you'll need some male-to-male VGA cables.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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