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Fiber Optic Coupler SC - SC

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Fiber Optic Coupler    SC - SC

1443-FF   Fiber Optic Coupler SC - SC   EACH $ 9.95   55 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 1443-FF coupler is a duplex multimode fiber optic adaptor with dual SC jacks at both ends.

These are a common type of fiber optic connector used in computer networking, and this coupler will allow you to patch two cables directly together and create one super mutant mega cable. Fiber optics are hardly susceptible to distance limitations, so this type of coupler is a convenient way to get additional distance using cable assemblies you already have.

We also carry ST FiberOptic couplers and ST to SC FiberOptic couplers, for maximum flexibility.

Drawings & Models:

1443-FFPDF Drawing (PDF) 

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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