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Surface Mount Box 2-Gang

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Surface Mount Box 2-Gang
These simple surface boxes provide mounting for a 2-gang wall plate without penetration of the underlying material. Install wall plates on brick, concrete, submarine bulkheads, and spaceship hulls!  

80-6502W   Surface Mount Box 2-Gang White   EACH $ 14.95   22 in stock   Add to Cart
80-6502Y   Surface Mount Box 2-Gang Ivory   EACH $ 14.95   21 in stock   Add to Cart

These standard-sized US double-gang surface-mount boxes are ideal in situations where you cannot penetrate a primary surface for mounting a wall plate. Our surface mount boxes are constructed of a sturdy industrial-grade plastic and feature super-strong self-adhesive backing to secure them where plates or caddy fasteners can't be attached directly.

They accommodate standard 2-gang low-voltage wallplate, and hold them securely via four mounting screws. The threading on the mounting holes in our 80-6502 boxes matches the thread of the screws that we provide with all of our stock and custom plates, which should match most commercially available plates as well.

You can also use these handy boxes to create more clearance when running panel-mount cables and couplers. These surface mount boxes provide an additional 1.77 inches (45mm) of clearance, so you can fit larger connectors behind your plates and minimize the effort of installing and removing them. If you are utilizing an 'in-the-wall'-type electrical box and find you are not able to fit your connectors comfortably inside, our surface-mount boxes can mount to these 'in-the-wall' boxes to allow for maximum clearance!

These boxes also pair well with adhesive-mount surface raceways. When used together, these products allow you to have an entire cable run mounted on the outside of a wall while maintaining a professional look. No drilling or mounting hardware required! The raceway serves as an effective way to protect your cables and hide them from view. Our boxes come with pre-measured 'knock-outs' on all sides to accommodate many standard sizes of raceway. Simply choose the correct pre-measured size for your raceway, remove the knock-out cover with pliers, and attach the raceway.

A raceway setup is most useful when the wall upon which you are mounting your run is impenetrable and the use of adhesive mounting is the only option. Surface raceways are readily available from your local hardware, electrical, or home-improvement store.

The included knock-outs for standard raceways are :

-0.75" (19mm) width x 0.44" (11.1mm) height
-1.00" (25.4mm) width x 0.56" (14.3mm) height
-1.50" (38.1mm) width x 0.75" (19mm) height
-1.81" (46mm) width x 1.00" (25.4mm) height

If you don't want to use the supplied adhesive backing or screw them to existing mounting holes, these surface-mount boxes will also mount securely to any surface with appropriate wood, plastic or sheet-rock mounting screws (not included). They provide a solid foundation for installing a plate, and look great at the same time!

DataPro is pleased to offer the widest selection available of stock and custom-built wall plates for use with our 80-6502 Surface-Mount Boxes. Please note that these boxes are built to accommodate standard US double gang plates only.

For information about selecting, installing, and using wall plates in your applications, see our Guide to Face Plates.

REACH Compliant

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  • Dimensions : WxHxD - 4.53" x 4.53" x 1.77" (115mm x 115mm x 45mm)
  • Currently available in : White, Ivory

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