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7910 Keystone Surface Box White
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The DataPro 7910x Keystone Surface Mount Box provides an external mounting for any standard keystone-type jack.

80-61 Wall Plate Mounting Bracket
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When installing wall plates on thin or non-structural surfaces, a mounting bracket like this can provide a stable frame for an easy and solid mount!

80-6199 Wall Plate Caddy Fastener
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For secure mounting in an insecure material, a caddy fastener is the way to go! Install wall plates in drywall, textured surfaces, plaster walls, drop-ceilings, and other places without rigid support by using this simple solution!

80-6501 Surface Mount Box 1-Gang
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DataPro's surface-mount boxes allow the installation of single gang wallplates and panel-mount cables on impenetrable surfaces, and provide additional clearance for mounting your connectors. Designed for mounting low-voltage components in locations where internal access is not available, these surface boxes are an efficient solution to your wiring scenario.

80-6502 Surface Mount Box 2-Gang
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These simple surface boxes provide mounting for a 2-gang wall plate without penetration of the underlying material. Install wall plates on brick, concrete, submarine bulkheads, and spaceship hulls!

80-66 In-Wall Mounting Box for Plates
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These mounting boxes affix to an in-wall stud to provide a clean and secure in-wall mounting frame. Specially designed with 45-degree screw mounting, these boxes are ideal for adding flush mounting hardware in a finished wall with minimal impact on the existing structure.

80-67 Recessed Wall-mount Boxes
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The DataPro 80-67 series of mounting boxes are an easy solution to protruding connector mounts. When coupled with a computer faceplate with mounted connectors, these boxes recess the plates into the wall.

BX-005 Table Top Pop-Up AV Connectivity Box With Custom Panel
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Add connectivity to your conference room or other table with this customizable pop-up AV box

SCREWS Mounting Screws
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Add style and functionality to your wall plate or custom panel with a set of screws. We carry a variety of alternate colors, materials, and styles -- even tamper-resistant!

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