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Quad Core XLR Microphone Cables

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Quad Core XLR Cable

Quad Core XLR Microphone Cables

Quad Core XLR cables are a more elaborate version of the standard XLR microphone cable that can be useful in highly noisy environments where power cables or electronics are in close proximity.

Quad Core XLR

What Is Quad Core XLR?

Quad Core XLR Microphone cables are a premium XLR configuration that uses the same 3 pin connector we are all familiar with, but with a different wire than the standard option. This quad core wire has an additional two conductors compared to standard XLR cables and they are wrapped in a spiral formation. You could think of it as a "twisted quad" as opposed to a twisted pair.

What's the advantage of Quad Core XLR Cabling?

The advantage to quad core microphone cables is a significant reduction in magnetic interference that results in a cleaner signal in many common situations when compared to standard XLR. Although regular XLR cables are protected from electromagnetic interference due to their shielding and the noise-cancellation inherent to the balanced XLR standard, Quad Core (sometimes called Star Quad) wire offers an additional 20 db of potential noise reduction.

Should I use Quad Core XLR Cables?

Whether or not you should use Quad Core microphone cables depends entirely on your situation. If your cables are in a highly noisy environment, perhaps sharing an enclosure with power cables or other active electronics for example, then you may benefit from the reduced noise. If your microphone is running straight into an audio interface in a low-noise environment over a short distance, then Quad Core may be overkill.

Panel-Mount Quad Core XLR Microphone Cables

Since racks and enclosures tend to have active electronics in them, Quad Core is a great option for panel-mount XLR cables.

Should I use Standard XLR or Quad Core?

If you're looking for a microphone cable that will be placed before your preamp (weak signals) then Quad Core should be a considered. If you're carrying a stronger signal, let's say at line level, from your preamp to your compressor or EQ, then Quad Core may be unnecessary and standard XLR may be more appropriate.

Custom Cable Assembly
Custom Cable Assembly

Panel-Mount Cable
Panel-Mount XLR Cable

Where can I find Quad Core XLR Cables?

If you're looking for Quad Core XLR cables, visit our custom cables page and request a quote for custom Quad Core XLR cables:

Custom Cable Assemblies

Where can I find Standard XLR Cables?

If Quad Core is unnecessary in your use case, consider our standard Panel-Mount XLR product line that we offer in various configurations:
Panel-Mount XLR Cables: