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The exclusive DataPro Plate Creator is the only way to get the plates you really want, with no minimum orders and same-day turnaround. With this detailed instructional guide, you'll be able to design and order exactly the style and configuration of custom wall plate or front panel you need.

  1. Choosing your Base Plate
  2. Adding Cutouts
  3. Adding Couplers & Cables
  4. Changing & Removing Items
  5. Naming & Saving

front page of plate designer

Choosing your Base Plate

DataPro offers a wide variety of plate form factors to suit your needs. For standard US electrical boxes and mounting brackets, we offer 1-gang through 4-gang configurations. We also offer 1- and 2-gang EU/UK sizes, square industrial form factor, and two special low-profile sizes for slim front-panels. Click on any plate icon to choose that size.

close-up of plate selection

Note: If need a custom front panel outside of these offerings, we can custom-cut almost anything as a custom front-panel.

For most form factors, a selection of different plastic and/or metal materials is available. When you choose a plate, the material selection area will change to reflect that plate's available options. Click on the material you'd like your plate to be.

close-up of material selection

As you proceed through the Plate Designer, the left sidebar will provide guidance and show your current base plate, along with real-time pricing. At the bottom of the sidebar are the navigation buttons to move forward and backward through the designer. When you are ready to proceed, click on the "Next" button.

close-up of the sidebar

Adding Cutouts

Here you will see your blank base plate, ready for customization. On the right side of the screen is the cutout list, where you can choose from a wide selection of available cutouts or enter a keyword in the search box. Click on any cutout in the list to select it for your plate.

close-up of cutout list

Beneath your blank plate you will find one or more "Add" buttons. Each button corresponds to a column of your plate; the wider your base plate, the more columns you will have available. Click on any "Add" button to add the cutout you selected to that column.

close-up of add buttons

Adding Couplers & Cables

When a cutout is added to your plate, the right sidebar will display a list of all the available couplers and panel-mount cables for that cutout. If there are multiple lengths or styles for a cable, a dropdown list will allow you to choose the one you want. Click on the "Add" button under any cable or coupler to pair that product with the cutout.

close-up of cable selection

Note 1: If you do not want to add a cable or coupler at this time, click on the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Note 2: The available cutouts are based on the cutout type selected. For example, adding a "VGA" cutout will only show VGA cables, and adding an "RS232 Serial" cutout will only show 9-pin cables, even though they are both the same size and shape.

Changing & Removing Items

  • Adding Cutouts Side-by-Side

    To add cutouts side-by-side in a single column, first add the left-most cutout as normal. Then in the cutout list, if you select a cutout that can fit next to it, a new button called "Add with Previous" will appear under the list. Click this button to add the selected cutout next to the previously-added one.

    close-up of add with previous

  • Changing a Cable or Coupler

    To change the coupler or cable mounted in a specific cutout (or add a coupler to an empty cutout), click on that cutout to bring up the list of mounting options. While the list is displayed, an orange border will highlight the cutout currently active.

    close-up of highlighted cutout

  • Moving Cutouts

    Cutouts in a column appear in the order that they are added, but this order can be changed using the arrows under each row. Use the upward arrow to swap a cutout with the one directly above it, or use the downward arrow to swap with the cutout below.

    close-up of adjustment buttons

  • Removing Cutouts

    If a cable or coupler is mounted in a cutout, the "X" button will remove the cable or coupler. If a cutout is empty, the "X" button will remove that cutout from the plate.

    Note 3: Side-by-side cutouts in a single column act as one row: the arrows shift the entire row up or down; the "X" button clears the whole row.

  • Spacing Out the Connectors

    If you do not like the automatic spacing on your plate, you can influence the vertical placement of each cutout by adding "~Blank~" placeholders. These empty spaces are added just like other cutouts, and can be moved up or down in the same fashion. The plate creator takes the blanks into consideration when calculating the automatic spacing, which allows you to offset the other cutouts to your liking.

    close-up of blank cutout

  • Finishing the Plate

    After a cutout and cable are added to your plate, you will have the option to continue adding cutouts as long as there is room available. When you are satisfied with your plate configuration, use the "Next" button on the left sidebar to review your plate.

    close-up of next button on step 2

    Note 4: If the "Next" button is clicked while the plate has empty cutouts, a warning will appear above the plate. If you desire to purchase this plate without all the couplers or cables, click "Next" again to proceed.

Naming & Ordering

On the final step, you will have a chance to review your complete plate. Underneath the plate is our default description; if you would like a custom name or description to appear on your order, you may enter one here.

close-up of custom name field

On the left sidebar you will see the complete price breakdown and a quantity box. Enter the quantity of plates you would like to order here; all attached couplers and cables will be multiplied accordingly. When you are satisfied, click on "Add to Cart" to add this plate assembly to your cart.

close-up of quantity and add to cart

Ready to go? Visit the Plate Designer to get started!