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Discontinued products, old stock, and superceded items find their way here at steep discounts. Looking for something oddball, or just some spare parts? These stragglers are available for as long as we've got some left, because all sales are final and there are no more coming!

1555 Ethernet Cat-5e Patch Cable
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Connect at 10-megabit, 100-megabit, or 1000-megabit (Gigabit) speeds with our Category-5e RJ45 Ethernet network patch cables.

9951 DataPro Versatile Screwdriver
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This dual-function Philips and straight blade screwdriver also includes a 5mm hex nut driver on the other end.

EHN0-24R Ethernet 10/100 24-Way RackMnt
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The EHN0-24R is a dual-speed 10/100 IEEE-802.3u-compliant Ethernet hub and switch for mounting on a rack.

EW-100G 802.11G Wireless PCI Card
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This 802.11g PCI add-in card gives you the flexibility of wireless network access combined with speeds that are comparable to many wired networks. It includes an antenna with a 3-foot cable, allowing you to position the antenna away from the computer and where the strongest signal is available.

EW-110G Wireless PCMCIA 802.11G Atheros
 Adding wireless connectivity to your notebook has never been easier than with this 802.11b/g PCMCIA card, assuming your notebook has a PCMCIA expansion slot. If not, adding wireless connectivity with this card will be exceedingly difficult, and highly unlikely to yield results.

EW-115G Wireless PCMCIA 802.11G Linksys
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This 802.11g/b adapter is a worthy addition to anyone's wireless arsenal.