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DataPro stocks a wide range of power cables and extensions to provide flexibility in powering your computer, and our full selection of international power cables can connect your computers and accessories in any part of the world.

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   Wherever you are, we keep you powered. We stock all styles of international computer power cables, covering virtually every outlet on the planet.

1959 Serial ATA Power Adaptor
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While SATA hard drives and optical drives have been in dominance for quite some time, many ATX power supplies still provide a number of 4-pin Molex connectors for powering legacy hardware like IDE and PATA drives.

79PWRU2 Power2U Duplex Outlet with USB Charging
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Free up outlets and reduce clutter with this innovative built-in USB charging solution.

79PWRUSB FastMac U-Socket Duplex AC and USB Power
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Forget about AC adaptors and chargers — go straight to the wall with the FastMac USB plate. This duplex power wall plate features standard AC power sockets as well as two power-only USB ports. Any 5V DC device can now charge straight from the wall, including iPod, iPhone, Kindle, and most Android phones.

80-3306S Power Strip with Surge Protector
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The DataPro 80-3306S power strips are 6 outlet, UL-Listed surge suppressors designed for safety and performance. Power strips like these are an essential part of any computer setup, and include basic over-voltage protection by way of an integrated circuit breaker.

80-3308S Belkin Power Strip / Surge Protector
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Move beyond the basic power strip with this beautiful 8-outlet surge protector from Belkin. With high power-surge defense, individual outlet covers, and spacious clearance for bulky AC & DC adaptors, your power management solution has never looked better.

80-3506 Rack-Mount Power Strip w/Surge 6-Port
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The DataPro 80-3506S series rackmount power strips are 6 outlet distributors, UL Listed and CSA Approved for safety and performance.