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Custom Pelican Case Panels

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Mount electronics, instruments, medical equipment, and more in a Pelican case with DataPro's custom Pelican case panels. We offer two options for this process. The first is through our online Custom Plate Creator. The Plate Creator allows panels to be previewed, quoted, and immediately ordered online. If you have a more specific design in mind, or need something our Plate Creator can't do, see below for details on submitting a custom design.

Pelican cases are perfect for:
  • Ruggedizing existing systems
  • Drone FPV ground stations
  • Pyrotechnics firing panels
  • Launch controllers
  • Medical equipment integration
  • Portable ventilators
  • Emergency radio go-kits
  • Chart recorders
  • Breakout boxes
  • Rugged PC enclosures
  • Test equipment cases
  • Cyberdecks
For Pelican Case modifications, see our Pelican Case Services page.

Custom Case Panels Gallery

Custom Case Panels Gallery

Custom Designs & Drawings

Case Panels Diagram
If your project is more complex, start by downloading a template drawing or STEP file below. These can be used to develop a drawing. Then just email or give us a call to get started. Our experienced sales staff can start with any kind of drawing or design.

See below for information on available materials, options, and common cutouts.

Request A Quote!

Pelican Protector Panels

PartFits CaseWidthHeightDownloads
PP-0340Pelican 034018.000"18.000"PDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-0350Pelican 035020.000"20.000"Request Drawing  
PP-0500Pelican 050034.950"18.40" Request Drawing  
PP-1120Pelican 11207.360"4.880" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1150Pelican 11508.360"5.870" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1170Pelican 117010.540"6.040" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1200Pelican 12009.350"7.200" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1300Pelican 13009.350"7.200" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1400Pelican 140011.970"9.100" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1430Pelican 143014.130"6.300" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1440Pelican 144017.910"8.810" PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1450Pelican 145014.900"10.360"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1460Pelican 146018.800"10.200"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1470Pelican 147016.239"11.244"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1490Pelican 149017.980"11.660"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1495Pelican 149514.660"13.120"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1500Pelican 150017.000"11.460"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1510Pelican 151020.125"11.250"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1520Pelican 152017.900"12.750"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1550Pelican 155018.890"14.430"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1560Pelican 156020.375"15.410"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1600Pelican 160021.950"16.950 PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1610Pelican 161022.200"17.200 PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1620Pelican 162022.075"17.075 PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1630Pelican 163027.700"20.980"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1640Pelican 164027.700"20.980"Request Drawing  
PP-1650Pelican 165028.570"17.520"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1660Pelican 166028.200"19.660"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1670Pelican 167028.100"16.490"PDF Drawing (PDF) 

Pelican Air Panels

PartFits CaseWidthHeightDownloads
PP-1465Pelican 1465 Air18.620"9.990" PDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-1485Pelican 1485 Air17.750"10.180"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1506Pelican 1506 Air18.700"9.400" Request Drawing  
PP-1507Pelican 1507 Air15.336"11.592"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1525Pelican 1525 Air20.875"11.625"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1535Pelican 1535 Air20.875"11.200"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1555Pelican 1555 Air23.000"12.750"PDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-1556Pelican 1556 Air21.630"10.760"PDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-1557Pelican 1557 Air17.330"13.000"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1605Pelican 1605 Air24.412"14.412"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1606Pelican 1606 Air24.540"12.300"PDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-1607Pelican 1607 Air21.050"15.810"Request Drawing STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1615Pelican 1615 Air29.590"15.500"PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)
PP-1626Pelican 1626 Air28.140"14.100"PDF Drawing (PDF) 
PP-1637Pelican 1637 Air23.430"17.550"Request Drawing  

Available Options

DataPro offers a number of finishing and marking options, as well as accessories.

Marking & Labeling:

Logo Marking

Logo Marking

We can convert, optimize, and laser mark your logo for sharp, professional branding.
Laser Marking

Laser Marking

For clean lines and maximum precision, laser marking is the perfect solution. Take a look at our Laser Marking Sample Gallery


This durable marking method looks great on any material with a contrasting surface treatment such as anodized aluminum or layered acrylic. For more information, see our Rotary vs Laser Engraving article.


Aluminum Anodizing


While pre-anodized aluminum is available, we can also anodize your panels post-cutting to provide a full-coverage durable finish.
Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Protect your panel with a high-quality powder coat applied as a final step.


Get creative with painted finishes! Available in a range of colors and textures.


Press-Fit Fasteners

Press-Fit Fasteners

Mount PCBs, attach mounting hardware, and more with press-fit fasteners built into your panel. Concealed-head and flush-head available. Flush-mount nuts available on panels 0.090" and thicker. Perfect for adding windows and vents too!
Captive Fasteners

Captive Fasteners

Perfect for frequently-removed panels and components. These fasteners stay attached to the panel even when loosened, preventing loss or damage to equipment.
Panel Hardware

Switch Guards & Hardware

We carry switch guards, panel handles, fasteners, and more. Check out our Accessories & Hardware section, or contact us if you have something specific in mind.
Custom Nameplates

Custom Nameplate

Add a custom engraved or laser marked nameplate!
Pelican Panel Frame

Panel Frame

Need a Panel Frame to go with your panel? Let us know and we can add it to your order!
Inteiror Sub-Panels

Interior Sub-Panels

Add an interior sub-panel to hold electronics or parts, and help organize your case.
Pelican Case

Pelican Case

It never hurts to have a backup Pelican Case! DataPro is a Pelican Authorized Online Distributor.

Pelican Case Modifications:

Note: Case modification can compromise waterproofing, and will void the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. For more information see our Pelican Case Services page.

Side Cutouts

Side Cutouts

Make your case usable even when closed with cutouts on the left and right sides of the case.
Frame & Bracket Mounting

Frame & Bracket Installation

Whether you need help installing a standard Panel Frame, or need to install a panel in a case without an available frame, we can make it happen.
Inlets & Side Panels

Inlets & Side Panels

DataPro can produce nearly any kind of internal or external structure you may need to mount ports and electronics, including inlet boxes, internal partitions, and hinged panels.
LCD Screen Installation

LCD Screen Integration

Installing a display in your case can be a big project - clearances, cabling, and overall fit need to be perfect. Our engineering and design team can help ensure that the process goes smoothly. Questions about installing a display in your Pelican case? Check out our FAQ!
Keyboard and Control Installation

Keyboard and Control Integration

Create the ultimate clean install by integrating keyboards, joysticks, touchpads, and more directly into the panel. We can help with sourcing, clearances, power, and more.


We're happy to recommend the perfect material for your project. If you've got something specific in mind, we stock a variety of common materials in multiple colors and thicknesses, and can source nearly anything with a very short turnaround. If you don't see what you're looking for here, just contact us.

  0.063" 0.080" 0.090" 0.125"
5005 Aluminum
Black Anodized
5005 Aluminum
Clear Anodized
5005 Aluminum
5052 Aluminum
Raw/Unfinished - Contact us for anodizing and other finishing options
6061 Aluminum
Raw/Unfinished - Contact us for anodizing and other finishing options
Matte or Glossy Black, 75% or 90% opaque White
Layered Acrylic
Black with White Core or White with Black Core

5005 Aluminum

5005 Anodized Aluminum - Clear or Black

The material we use for our stock case panels. Anodizing is MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 1 (Class 2 for Black).
5052 Aluminum

5052 Aluminum - Unfinished

This bendable, weldable alloy is perfect for enclosures. Stocked unfinished for post-cut anodizing or powder coating.
6061 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum - Unfinished

A popular and durable material that machines well and has high resistance to corrosion. While this high-strength aluminum isn't recommended for bending, it is heat-treatable and lightweight. Can be special ordered in MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 1 (Class 2 for Black) anodizing.


A beautiful material that polishes up wonderfully and has antibacterial properties.

0.125" Acrylic

This acrylic material is lightweight and durable, with outstanding resistance to sunlight and weathering.
Engraving Plastic

0.125" Layered Engraving Acrylic

Made of three layers, with a contrasting color sandwiched between two shell layers. This makes for excellent, high-contrast direct engraving. Available in a variety of colors.
Layered Acrylic Blue with White core Layered Acrylic Yellow with Black core Layered Acrylic White with Black core Layered Acrylic Black with White core

Standard Cutouts

Custom Panels DataPro's standard plate and panel cutouts are designed to be compatible with our panel-mount cables and couplers.

Below you'll find a list of cutouts, their compatible components, and associated drawings. If you need something not listed here, please contact us!
Cutout Name Compatible Cable Compatible Coupler Drawing
AC Power Panel-Mount AC Power Extension (9298-01W) - -
BNC - BNC Coupler F-F (CCP-BNC) -
C13 PC Power Outlet - C13 Solder-on Connector (XX-PWR-C13) -
C14 PC Power Inlet C14 Panel Mount to NEMA 5-15R Cable
C14 Panel Mount to C13 Cable
C14 Solder-on Connector (XX-PWR-C14) -
C14 PC Power Inlet with Switch - C14 Solder-on Connector with Switch (XX-PWR-C14RS) -
C20 PC Power Inlet - C20 Solder-on Connector (XX-PWR-C20) -
DB9 RS232 Serial DB9 Panel-Mount Extension M-F(1023)
DB9 Panel-Mount Extension F-M (1122)
Weatherproof DB9 PM Extension M-F (1023W) Weatherproof DB9 PM Extension F-M (1122W)
DB9 Coupler F-F (CCP-D09FF)
DB9 Coupler M-M (CCP-D09MM)
DB15/DA15 Gameport - DB15 Coupler F-F (CCP-D15FF)
DB15 Coupler M-M (CCP-D15MM)
DB25 DB25 Panel-Mount F-M (1013) DB25 Coupler F-F (CCP-D25) -
DB37 - DB37 Coupler F-F (CCP-D37FF) -
Decora Custom Decora Inserts USB/AC Power Insert (75PWRUSB) -
DisplayPort 1170 (P/M Female to Male)
1174 (P/M Female to Male Mini DisplayPort)
DisplayPort Coupler F-F (CCP-DSP) PDF PDF
Mini DisplayPort Mini DisplayPort PM Extension F-M (1178)
Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort F-M (1176)
DVI 1143 (P/M Female to Male) CCP-DVI PDF PDF
Ethernet CAT5/CAT6 Cable Cat5e Panel-Mount Extension F-M (1770)
Cat6 Panel-Mount Extension F-M (1771)
Cat6 Shielded PM Extension F-M (1771S)
RJ45 Cat5 Coupler F-F (CCP-C5E)
RJ45 Cat6 Coupler (CCP-C6)
RJ45 Cat6 Shielded Coupler (CCP-C6S)
Waterproof IP67 Cat6 Ethernet - Cat6 Waterproof IP67 Coupler (CCP-C6R) -
Waterproof IP67 Cat6 Ethernet (alternate) - Waterproof IP67 Panel Mount Ethernet Coupler (CCP-C6W) -
Fiber Optic SC - SC-SC Coupler F-F (1443-FF)
SC-ST Coupler F-F (1443-FF)
F-Type Coaxial (TV Cable) - F-Type Coupler F-F (CCP-FTV) -
FireWire 400 FireWire Panel Mount F to Header (1390)
FireWire Panel Mount Extension F-M (1398)
FireWire Dual Panel Mount F-F (1388)
- -
FireWire 800 - FireWire 800 Coupler F-F (CCP-FW800) -
1-inch Grommet Grommet included - -
1.5-inch Grommet Grommet included - -
Handles, 3" (7.62cm) - 3" Panel Handle/Guard -
HDMI HDMI Panel Mount Extension F-M (1160)
HDMI Dual Panel Mount F-F (1168)
Waterproof HDMI - Rugged IP67 Panel Mount HDMI Coupler (CCP-HDMI-R) PDF PDF
Keystone Snap-in Module - All Keystone parts -
Neutrik D/XLR 1/4" TRS Panel-Mount Extension F-M (1225)
XLR Panel-Mount Extension F-M (1231)
XLR Panel-Mount Extension M-F (1232)
XLR Dual Panel-Mount F-F (1236)
All XLR/Neutrik D Compatible Parts
N Type - Panel Mount Type N Coupler F-F (CCP-NTYPE) -
Light Switch - - -
Power 120V Duplex - Household Duplex Power Outlet (ZZ-PWR-X2) -
PS/2 PS/2 Panel Mount Extension F-M (1169) PS/2 Coupler F-F (CCP-PS2) -
QMA Antenna - QMA Coupler F-F (CCP-QMA) -
RP-SMA (F-F) - RP-SMA Coupler F-F (CCP-SMA-RPFF) -
RP-SMA (M-F) - RP-SMA Coupler M-F (CCP-SMA-RPMF) -
SIM Card Panel Mount Dual SIM Card Extension (CCP-SIM) - -
SMA SMA Panel Mount Extension F-M (1877) SMA Coupler F-F (CCP-SMA) -
Speaker Binding Post/Banana Jack - Binding Post Coupler F-F (CCP-PST)
Not recommended for use with conductive materials
Stereo 3.5mm (1/8in) 3.5mm Panel Mount Extension F-M (1224)
3.5mm Dual Panel Mount F-F (1223)
3.5mm Coupler F-F (CCP-3.5) PDF PDF
Stereo 1/4in 1/4" Panel Mount Extension F-M (1225)
1/4" Dual Panel Mount F-F (1226)
- -
S-Video S-Video Panel Mount Extension F-M (1164) S-Video Coupler F-F (CCP-CSV) -
Switch Guards - Aluminum Toggle Switch Guards 1in Aluminum Rocker Switch Guards 1.5in -
TNC TNC Panel Mount Extension F-M (1874)
TNC Coupler F-F (CCP-TNC) -
RP-TNC - RP-TNC Panel Mount Extension F-M (1872) -
Toslink Optical (via Keystone) - TosLink Optical Coupler F-F (CCK-TOS) -
USB 2.0/3.0 Type-A USB 2.0 A to 4-Pin Header F-F (1490)
USB 2.0 A to Micro B F-M (1582)
USB 2.0 A to Panel Mount B F-F (1587)
USB 2.0 A to A Dual Panel Mount F-F (1588)
USB 2.0 A to 5-Pin Header F-F (1590)
USB 2.0 A to A F-M (1598)
USB 2.0 A to B F-M (1599)
USB 3.0 A to 20-Pin Header F-F (1610)
USB 3.0 A to USB-C F-M (1679)
USB 3.0 A to Panel Mount B F-F (1687) (P/M Female to P/M Female B 3.0)
USB 3.0 A to Panel Mount A F-F (1688)
USB 3.0 A to A F-M (1698)
USB 3.0 A B F-M (1699)
USB 2.0 Flexible Coupler F-F (CCP-USBA-FLX)
USB 2.0 Coupler F-F (CCP-USB-A-FF)
USB A 2.0 to Micro B Dual Coupler (CCP-USBB)
USB A 3.0 to Panel Mount B 3.0 Dual Coupler F-F (CCP-USB3-AB)
Dual USB 2.0 Type-A Dual USB-A 2.0 to 10-pin Socket (1522) - -
Waterproof USB 2.0 Type-A USB-A to USB-B Panel Mount F-F (1587W)
USB-A Panel Mount Extension F-M (1598W)
Waterproof USB 3.0 Type-A USB-A 3.0 Panel Mount Extension F-M (1698W) - -
USB 2.0 Type-B USB 2.0 B to 5-Pin Header F-F (1580)
USB 2.0 B to Micro-B F-M (1581)
USB 2.0 B to Panel Mount A F-F (1587)
USB 2.0 B to A F-M (1589)
USB 2.0 B to B F-M (1591)
Waterproof USB 2.0 Type-B Waterproof Panel Mount USB 2.0 Type-B to 5-pin Header Cable (1580W)
Panel Mount Waterproof USB B M-F Extension Cable (1591)
USB 3.0 Type B USB 3.0 B to Panel Mount A F-F (1687)
USB 3.0 B to B F-M (1691)
USB B 3.0 to Panel Mount A 3.0 Dual Coupler F-F (CCP-USB3-AB) PDF PDF
USB Micro B USB 2.0 Micro-B to Micro-B Extension F-M (1584) USB 2.0 Micro-B to A Dual Coupler F-F (CCP-USBB)
Waterproof USB Micro B Waterproof USB 2.0 Micro-B to Micro-B Extension F-M (1584W) - -
USB Mini B USB Mini B Panel Mount Extension Cable M-F (1583)
- -
USB Type C USB-C 3.1 to 20-Pin Header F-F (1670)
USB-C 3.1 to USB-C Extension F-M (1678)
USB Snap-In Snap-In Panel Mount USB 2.0 AA Extension Cable (1558)
VGA VGA Panel Mount to VGA F-M (1152)
VGA Waterproof Panel Mount to VGA F-M (1152W)
VGA Panel Mount to VGA w/Pigtail F-M (1154)
VGA Panel Mount to VGA Panel Mount F-F (1156)
VGA Panel Mount to VGA Panel Mount w/Pigtail F-F (1157)