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DataPro stocks the audio cables you need to wire your computer, stereo, and home theater when other suppliers have abandoned the analog market. We have cables, extensions, and adaptors for the common 3.5mm connector; cables and couplers for dual-RCA stereo audio; and numerous converters, adaptors, and analog/digital audio components to boot.

1181 Composite Video Cable (Single RCA)
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Built from high-grade coaxial cable, DataPro's composite video cables are shielded for minimal noise and picture loss, and our gold-plated RCA interconnects protect against corrosion and interference. Simply put, you won't see a better picture!

1182 Stereo Audio Cable (Dual RCA)
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Stereo audio cables never looked better than with the DataPro gold-plated dual RCA audio cable. Built with shielded coaxial wire and high-endurance RCA connectors, these cables guarantee high audio fidelity in at any length.

1183 Composite A/V Cable (Triple RCA)
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Make your composite video count with DataPro's high-grade triple RCA cable. Featuring heavily shielded coaxial wire for a composite video signal and two audio channels for stereo, all terminated with gold-plated RCA connectors, these cables offer the best signal possible for any composite RCA situation.

1185 S-Video Cable With Stereo RCA Audio
 It's a monster! A twisted hybrid of glorious audio and video! The convenience of a three-in-one component audio/video cable plus the higher-quality picture of S-Video! Egads!

1220 Stereo Extension Cable 3.5 mm
 This stereo extension cable is designed to extend the run of an existing audio cable that uses the ubiquitous 3.5mm (1/8") stereo connector. This cable has a male stereo plug on one end, and a female stereo jack on the other.

1221 Stereo Cable 3.5 mm M/M
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The DataPro 1221 series cable is designed for stereo audio applications using the standard 3.5mm style connectors.