HDMI Panel-Mount Extension Cable

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HDMI Panel-Mount Extension Cable
Add high speed HDMI with Ethernet to your installation with a panelmount HDMI cable from DataPro. Supports HD, 4K UHD, HDMI 2.0, device control, and more.  

1160-01C   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   1 ft $ 27.00   259 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-02E   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   2 ft $ 28.00   45 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-03C   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   3 ft $ 29.00   3372 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-04C   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   4 ft $ 30.00   203 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-06E   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   6 ft $ 33.50   23 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-10C   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   10 ft $ 39.00   128 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-15C   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   15 ft $ 45.00   381 in stock   Add to Cart
1160-25C   HDMI Panel-Mount Ext. RoHS   25 ft $ 59.00   179 in stock   Add to Cart

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Note: 15' and 25' lengths may not work at 4K 60Hz with all setups.

The DataPro Panel-Mount High Speed HDMI 2.0 with Ethernet extension cables are the perfect solution for installing high-definition video anywhere you'd like. From DVD players and graphics cards to TVs and projectors, HDMI is the ultimate high-definition interface, and now it's available in an attractive bulkhead-mount cable, exclusively from DataPro.

This cable is the perfect match for our HDMI wall plates.

These high-grade shielded cables feature a standard HDMI male connector on one end, to interface with any HDMI-compatible hardware (including outputs such as a DVD, HD-DVD, or Blu-Ray player; a computer; cable TV box; or DVR; and inputs such as LCD flat-screens; plasma displays; and high-definition projectors). The other end of the HDMI cable is a female connector with molded mounting hardware, ideal for securing to an HDMI face plate or bulkhead mount.

These cables are certified for use with HD and UHD video, and can handle advanced HD audio formats like 7.1 PCM, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.


  • Allowable panel depth: 2.5mm (full mating)
  • High Speed HDMI 2.0 + Ethernet
  • 3D Capable
  • 4K UHD Capable

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RoHS Compliant
CL2 In-Wall Rated
HDMI 1.4 with Ethernet
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