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HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable

1166-03C   HDMI to Mini-HDMI M/M 1.3 Cat2   3 ft $ 19.95   32 in stock   Add to Cart

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The electronics industry's transition to HDMI has been a positive shift in many regards, including the dominance of a connector with a small footprint (compared to Component RCA and DVI, especially), but in some situations, even the compact HDMI connector is still larger than ideal.

Many new digital cameras (both motion cameras and DSLRs), laptops, and portable playback devices are incorporating Mini-HDMI ports to save space without compromising on features. Fortunately, these smaller connectors are pin-compatible with standard HDMI, since they use the identical signal standard. DataPro's 1166-series of cable allows you to connect any Mini-HDMI device to an HDMI device, so you can connect portable devices directly to an HDTV without dongles or adaptors.

It is HDMI 1.3 Cat.2 compliant, for compatibility with Deep Color and advanced audio codecs. It carries full HD video and audio, for a perfect all-in-one wiring solution.


  • HDMI version 1.3 category 2
  • one standard HDMI male connector
  • one Mini-HDMI male connector

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