USB Flash Memory Thumb Drive 2GB

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USB Flash Memory Thumb Drive 2GB

USB-2GB   USB Flash Memory Thumb Drive   2GB $ 9.95 Call for ETA   Backorder

Take your data to go with our convenient USB flash memory thumb drive. This pocket-sized device lets you carry up to 2GB of data with you... but you knew that. It's a flash drive, after all. You've seen these everywhere.

This thumb drive meets USB Mass Storage Device standards, so it can be used on any USB-equipped computer without any additional drivers. It's rated for USB 2.0 High-Speed transfers, so you can rapidly read and write large files to the drive. And our in-house experiments have shown that these rugged little products can even withstand journeys through mud, rain, and washing machines. Robust!


  • 2GB of compact portable storage.
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed compliant.
  • USB Mass Storage Device compliant for driver-less operation.
  • Key-chain hole for conveniently keeping it with you.

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