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Dual Panel-Mount USB Cables

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August 29, 2006

The final piece of the USB mounting puzzle is here-- double mounting USB cables. Now two wall plates can be easily patched together, no mess and no fuss.

Previously, such scenarios would require either a gender changer between two panel-mount extensions or a soldered splice between the two. Both options, while functional, were structurally weakened and more susceptible to noise and signal loss.

The USB dual-mounting cables solve that problem by mounting directly to a plate on both ends. Additionally, they can be used as "panel-mount couplers" to either (1) mount an existing USB cable to a plate, or (2) pair with a longer panel-mount cable for dual mounting with distance separations.

1588 and 1598 working together

Of course the 5-meter cap on USB still exists, but having these female-female cables opens up a whole new list of options, and makes easy the integration of active booster cables.