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DataPro's revolutionary new approach to product design: Artificial Intelligence! 2023-04-01
DataPro News > Announcements

Gone are the days of relying on human creativity and ingenuity. Our AI algorithms are capable of designing cables with previously unimaginable speeds and precision. And the best part? They never get tired or make mistakes!

Red and Blue Aluminum Toggle Switch Guards 2023-03-10
DataPro News > Products

Our popular aluminum toggle switch guards are now available in anodized red or blue. Also available in polished nickel, bare aluminum, black, and stainless steel.

Now Available - Custom PCI Slot Covers 2023-01-16
DataPro News > Products

PCI Expansion Slot Covers are now available for customization in our Online Plate Designer! These sturdy steel expansion slot covers can fit a variety of cutouts, and as always ship within 24-48 hours.

New! Panel-Mountable USB-C Booster Cables 2022-10-28
DataPro News > Products

Escape from length limitations with a boosted panel-mount USB-C cable!

We're adding a new capability to our popular USB-C 3.1 Active Boosted Extension Cable - panel-mounting. Just add a YY-UBXC-PM to your boosted cable, and panel-mount it in any of our standard USB-A cutouts.

Pelican Storm Sub-Panels now available 2022-09-21
DataPro News > Products

Our popular Pelican interior Sub-Panels are now available for Pelican Storm cases! These precision machined aluminum panels allow equipment and electronics to be securely mounted inside the case. We also carry sub-panels for Pelican Protector and Pelican Air cases.

New! Stainless Steel Toggle Switch Guards 2022-08-12
DataPro News > Products

Our popular 1" Toggle Switch Guards are now available in rugged 304 stainless steel! Great for protecting switches and components from impacts and accidental activation.

New! Super Flexible Panel-Mount HDMI Cables 2022-06-28
DataPro News > Products

Short on space for your panel-mount cables? We've reduced the internal wiring gauge of our popular panel-mount HDMI cables to 30 AWG, giving them unprecedented flexibility! Check out our Thin Panel-Mount HDMI Extensions, available in lengths from 8 inches to 3 feet.

New! Pelican Vault Cases 2022-05-27
DataPro News > Products

We're now stocking Pelican's latest line of cases - the Vault! Made with the same process as Pelican's legendary Protector and Storm cases, the Vault is crushproof, dustproof, and weather-resistant while remaining budget-friendly. Check them out here.

Updates to Balanced Audio! 2022-04-15
DataPro News > Technical Info

Our popular Balanced Audio article has gotten a refresh! Now featuring more information about phone connectors (TRS), how to identify balanced audio cables, and full translations of the article into Spanish and French!

Updated Pelican Size & Services Chart 2022-03-07
DataPro News > Technical Info

We've updated our Pelican Case Size Chart with all the newest Pelican cases, and every single accessory or service we offer. Check it out!


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