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Learn about connector plating in our new article! 2022-02-18
DataPro News > Technical Info

What's the best kind of connector plating for your application, gold, nickel, or silver? Our latest article covers the pros and cons of each, and can help you determine the best metal for the job.

New Panel-Mount USB-C Cable video 2022-02-16
DataPro News > Announcements

We love showing off our products, and this video puts our best-selling 1678 Panel-Mount USB-C cable in the spotlight! Check it out, and read all about the 1678 here.

Customer Highlight: BeetTweek 2022-01-18
DataPro News > Announcements

BeetTweek from subMatrix Audio Hardware is a modular Eurorack audio controller with a haptic feedback knob, allowing it to simulate resistance, clicks, springiness, and more.

Find the right angle with our right-angle cable guide! 2021-12-03
DataPro News > Technical Info

The term "right-angle" can mean a lot of things depending on the connector. Our comprehensive right-angle cable guide can help you identify the "top" of most common connectors, and how to determine which angle of cable will perfectly fit your purposes. Read on for more.

Customer Highlight: Studiobox 2021-11-05
DataPro News > Announcements

Our latest customer highlight is Studiobox's Cinema Box. Their product packs an entire interview studio into an SKB iSeries case! DataPro cut the main panel and supplied panel-mount components. Click through for more pictures of this epic project.

New! Pelican Storm Panel Bezel Installation 2021-10-15
DataPro News > Products

DataPro now offers installation of bezels used to mount a panel in a Pelican Storm case. This streamlined service makes installation of a panel as simple as possible, right out of the box!

New! Quad Core XLR Microphone cables FAQ 2021-07-30
DataPro News > Technical Info

Quad core XLR microphone cables can help reduce interference and give you a cleaned audio signal. How does that work? When would you want to use them? Find out in our new Quad Core XLR Microphone Cable FAQ!

Now selling all kinds of panel-ready Pelican cases! 2021-05-25
DataPro News > Products

Now you can add a case panel to any case that Pelican makes! We've expanded our line of panel-ready Pelican cases to include nearly every model of Pelican Protector and Pelican Air.

Now offering Pelican Panel Frame and Sub-Panel installation 2021-04-23
DataPro News > Products

Skip the drilling and save time with our new panel frame installation and sub-panel installation services!

Security for Security Cameras 2021-03-12
DataPro News > Products

With recent wide-ranging surveillance camera hacks, it helps to have a heightened sense of awareness and take extra security precautions. This is exactly what we had in mind when we designed our PiCams to keep your data local. We've taken the time and care to build our DataPro Raspberry Pi Webcam with an emphasis on usability and security. Using open-source software and American made materials we proudly present our CAM-V1A.


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