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Panel-Mount CAT6 Cables

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August 29, 2006

DataPro is pleased to announce the newest product to it's panel-mount cable series: the Panel-Mount CAT6 Ethernet Cable.

This new product is an upgrade to our previous 1770 line, which was only CAT5e rated. More importantly, the new cabless are built with moulded RJ45 connectors and strain relief-- a great improvement over the keystone-mount fashion of our previous ethernet cables.

The female RJ45 connector mould has the same cutout dimensions and screwhole spacings as its non-moulded predecessor, so all of our drawing and bulkhead information remains the same. We can continue to build the older-style panel-mount cables upon request, but effective immediately, all stock products are in the moulded style.

the Panel-mount Ethernet Cable

The new mounting ethernet cables are the latest in DataPro's exclusive line of panel-mounting cables, designed in Seattle and shipped around the world. For more information, please visit our Complete Guide to Wallplates and Panelmount Cables.