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Data Switch Manual RJ1106

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Data Switch Manual RJ1106


2011-02C   Data Switch Manual RJ1106
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The ultimate solution to top-secret telephone usage, DataPro's 2011-series of data switches are manual, rotary-knob switches for selecting between a number of RJ1106 (also known as RJ12) telephone connectors.

If you have multiple phone lines you want to connect to a single handset, or perhaps multiple handsets you want to connect to a single phone line, this is the solution. Want to have complete control over which phone rings, or whether the fax machine is connected? Nothing asserts that authority like the resounding Ca-CHUNK of a rotary data switch. Ca-CHUNK! Ca-CHUNK!

These eldritch switches use a Break-Before-Make technology that ensures the old connection is completely severed before the new one is made, preventing the possibility of eavesdropping or phreaking between lines. The connections are shielded from interference and housed in a heavy metal box, so this switch could also be used to hide secret documents or keys or something.

Suffice to say, if you are a spy, secret agent, or paranoid conspiracy theorist, this is the perfect product for all your private telephone needs. Plus, it has a rotary knob that you can switch. Ca-CHUNK!

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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