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Single-Gang Keystone Wall-Plates

> Keystone & Ethernet
Single-Gang Keystone Wall-Plates

70101W   Faceplate Keystone x 1 White   EACH $ 5.95   169 in stock   Add to Cart
70101Y   Faceplate Keystone x 1 Ivory   EACH $ 5.95   9 in stock   Add to Cart
70102B   Faceplate Keystone x 2 Black   EACH $ 5.95   158 in stock   Add to Cart
70102W   Faceplate Keystone x 2 White   EACH $ 5.95   1355 in stock   Add to Cart
70102Y   Faceplate Keystone x 2 Ivory   EACH $ 5.95   17 in stock   Add to Cart
70102Z   Faceplate Keystone x 2 Steel   EACH $ 7.95   17 in stock   Add to Cart
70103W   Faceplate Keystone x 3 White   EACH $ 5.95   96 in stock   Add to Cart
70103Y   Faceplate Keystone x 3 Ivory   EACH $ 5.95   7 in stock   Add to Cart
70104W   Faceplate Keystone x 4 White   EACH $ 5.95   188 in stock   Add to Cart
70104Z   Faceplate Keystone x 4 Steel   EACH $ 7.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart
70106W   Faceplate Keystone x 6 White   EACH $ 5.95   111 in stock   Add to Cart
70106Z   Faceplate Keystone x 6 Steel   EACH $ 12.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro Keystone Wall Plates hold any combination of  keystone-fitting connectors in a simple, stylish  interface that mounts to any wall or low-voltage box. It is a hassle-free way to customize a wall plate using interchangeable parts, although you are limited to connectors that are smaller than the keystone mount itself.

The Leviton-compatible  keystone plate works with any number of connectors that snap in for easy installation and a nice, clean look. Keystone modules are most commonly used with RJ45 connectors for Ethernet networking and RJ12 connectors for telephony, but modules are also available for RCA, F-Type coaxial cable, PS2, S-Video, and many types of wireless antenna interfaces.

Also proven as a practical solution  for boats with onboard computers, as well as home offices, home theaters, and in conference rooms, interface plates like this can make a crude cable run into a clean, sleek interface.

The 7010-series face plates are made to mount in a standard 1-gang low-voltage mount, similar to an outlet or light switch. 

Just click "Add to cart" to see all compatible connector options!

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA