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Data Switch Manual SVHS/SVideo

2204-02C   Data Switch Manual SVHS/SVideo   2:1 $ 49.00 Call for ETA   Backorder
2204-04C   Data Switch Manual SVHS/SVideo   4:1 $ 59.00 Call for ETA   Backorder

This product is normally used to switch between SVHS/S-Video connections, although it is also compatible with the ADB interface found on older Macs.

The DataPro 2204 series of data switches is a manual, rotary knob type data switch.

This product features "Break-Before- Make" type switching. This means that the existing connection is broken BEFORE a new connection is established. The benefit here is a lower risk of shorts or current spikes.

These handsome products are housed in a durable metal box and are fully shielded and grounded.

All connectors are 4-pin Mini-Din Female.

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