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DB25 Horizontal Plate

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DB25 Horizontal Plate


73500A   Faceplate DataPro D25x1 AlumA   EACH $ 9.95   9 in stock   Add to Cart
73500B   Faceplate DataPro D25x1 Black   EACH $ 9.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro 73500 DB25 Wall Plate mounts one 25-pin DSub connector of any type into your wall of choice: on a marine bulkhead, industrial console, classroom desktop, or anywhere else a low-voltage box can be found.

This plate is a practical solution for your home if your serial and/or parallel devices are either out of easy reach of your computer, or if you are sharing the device(s) throughout your home or office.

The 25-pin DSub connector is most recognizable from its role as the parallel port on PC computers in the 1990's, but its legacy extends to serial RS232 and SCSI interfaces as well. With a panel-mounting port, you can allow access to any type of device or computer through a DB25 connector.

By making small mounting holes and screwing on these plates, you can substitute this convenient little interface for a messy hole of dangling cables.

This plate is a standard 1-gang plate, measuring 2.5 inches by 5.5 inches, and is compatible with most low-voltage installation tools and mounting hardware.

We can also custom-build any plate you'd like to design, including plates with DB25 25-pin connectors, using our custom plate designer.

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