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Keystone F-Type Coax (TV Cable) Coupler

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Keystone F-Type Coax (TV Cable) Coupler
Snap in the F with DataPro's F-Type keystone module, a form-factor snap-in coupler for cable television, CCTV systems, and any other interface that uses this type of screw-on coaxial connector.  

CCK-FTV   Coupler Keystone FTV F-Type   EACH $ 5.95   45 in stock   Add to Cart

Most commonly found on television antenna and cable TV hookups, the F-Type connector is tedious, annoying, and sometimes painful to screw on and off, but its high-fidelity and low noise keep it a popular choice for coaxial wire terminations. This snap-in passthrough module features two female FTV jacks, so F-Type cables can attach to each end. the CCP-FTV will mount in any Keystone-designed plate, providing easy and customizable expansion.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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