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Keystone Toslink Optical Coupler

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Keystone Toslink Optical Coupler
Digital audio at the speed of light! Pew pew!  

CCK-TOS   Coupler Keystone TOSLink Audio   EACH $ 7.95   125 in stock   Add to Cart

If you need a clean and efficient way to patch audio through your house, studio, or theater, a TosLink keystone module is an easy way to go. This simple snap-in passthrough coupler accepts an optical TosLink cable front and back, so your in-wall run can reside permanently in an accessible and adjustable location.

This type of setup is ideal for situations when audio components are physically separated by walls, bulkheads, ceilings, floors, vacuums, laser fields, tachyon inverters, and spacetime rifts. And because these couplers are Keystone modules, they can be combined with other compatible snap-in modules for customized arrangements depending on your needs.

This coupler is uncovered, which means that if the component on the other side is powered on, the  red optical element will be visible. When two of these modules are installed side-by-side and the lights are turned off, this creates the illusion of an evil monster living in the wall and staring at you through its glowing red (and probably evil) eyes. 

These keystone Toslink couplers can also be installed in any wall plate you create in our awesome custom plate designer.

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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