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PS2 Panel Mounting Coupler

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PS2 Panel Mounting Coupler
If you can't panel-mount a PS2 cable to access your keyboard and mouse (or if you've already got the cables in the wall), try a panel-mount coupler instead. Designed to fit with any custom-cut face plate, these low-profile and attractive couplers provide smart and effective connectivity for any PS2 device.  

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The CCP-PS2 coupler is a female-to-female panel mounting passthrough coupler that can be affixed to any custom-cut DataPro face plate. 

It features two MD06 female jacks designed to connect two PS2 male cables. One side of the coupler faces inside the wall to terminate a wiring run, while the other mounts through the faceplate for easy external access.

To maximize the quality of your signal, we strongly recommend the use of panel-mount PS2 cables.

Please note that this coupler will not mount on any of DataPro's stock PS2 wall plates, because it has a different cutout profile than our panelmount PS2 cables. These panelmount PS2 couplers can only be used on custom plates.

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RoHS Compliant
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