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Rack Shelf Vented Half-Size 19 x 14

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Rack Shelf Vented Half-Size 19 x 14

80-3421V   Rack Shelf 19 x 14 Vented   EACH $ 65.00   6 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 80-3423S Vented Half-Size Rack Shelf fits an industry standard 19 inch wide rack, and also is a shelf. It can be used to hold a printer, monitor, coffee cup, Parcheesi board, or... anything, really. Whatever your heart desires, so long as it's less than 17" wide.

Conforming to EIA-310C standards, these shelves are made of a medium-weight metal in a flat black finish. This particular model features grilled vents on the bottom for improved airflow to heat-sensitive devices.

The usable dimensions are 17 inches (w) by 14 inches (d). 17 inches is the inside width of a 19-Inch rack.

This shelf is also called a cantilever shelf. It can be mounted on either the front or back of a center-loading 19-Inch rack.

REACH Compliant

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