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DataPro's wireless antenna cables and accessories are built to the highest standards for interference-free communication. We carry patch, extension, and panel-mount versions of most common and uncommon wireless connector types.
Wireless Products > Wireless Antennas & Electronics
   Endowing your computer with 802.11 wireless access is easy with our expansion cards; making a network is a snap with our hubs and routers; and you can increase the range and power of your network with our high-gain antennas.
  > Wireless Antenna Cables
   Relocate your antennae and wireless hardware where you want with our complete line of SMA, TNC, BNC, and N-Type extension and adaptor cables.

CCP-BNC Coupler Panel-Mount BNC
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This panel-mount coupler features female BNC connections on both sides. Rated for 50 Ohm impedance.

CCPBNC75 Panel Mount BNC Coupler 75 Ohm
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This BNC female-female panel-mount coupler features a 75 Ohm resistance, perfect for high-performance applications like HD video.