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ECG0-PCE Gigabit Ethernet PCI-Express Card
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DataPro's Gigabit Ethernet cards support 10/100/1000-Base-T full-duplex for today's standard in  high-speed networking!  This PCI-E x1 card utilizes the PCI-Express slots found in most PC motherboards, and is compatible with most any operating system and hardware configuration.

ECG0-PCI Ethernet Gigabit PCI LAN Card (NIC)
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DataPro's Gigabit Ethernet NICs support 10/100/1000-Base-T full-duplex for unparalleled high-speed networking!

EHG0-0 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
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Build a blazing-fast home or office network with our Gigabit Ethernet switches! These switches support Jumbo Frames and can connect at 10/100/1000 speeds.

EHG0-1 Rack-mount Gigabit Ethernet Switch
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Build a blazing-fast home or office network with our Gigabit Ethernet switches! This 16-port rack-mount switch supports Jumbo Frames and can connect up to 16 computers or other switches at 10/100/1000 speeds.

EHN0-24R Ethernet 10/100 24-Way RackMnt
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The EHN0-24R is a dual-speed 10/100 IEEE-802.3u-compliant Ethernet hub and switch for mounting on a rack.

EP-100 Ethernet Parallel Print Server
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Share printer access over local networks and the internet with a regular parallel printer! This convenient adaptor provides a network-addressable interface to a standard printer, with lots of great features!

EPN0 Patch Panel for Cat-5e Ethernet
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The DataPro EPN0 series Patch Panels are Category-5 Rated Ethernet patch panels, with RJ45 modular connections on the front and punch-down wiring blocks on the reverse.

ETA0-FSC Ethernet Transceiver RJ45/FLSC
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The ETA0-FSC Ethernet Transceiver is an affordable method of converting from an RJ45 connection to a Fiber Optic network using Fiber Optic 'SC' type connectors.

EU-100 Ethernet to USB Print Server
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This USB print server allows network users to print to a remote printer over an Ethernet local area network. This means that a single printer can be shared and accessed by all computers on the LAN independently.

EW-100G 802.11G Wireless PCI Card
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This 802.11g PCI add-in card gives you the flexibility of wireless network access combined with speeds that are comparable to many wired networks. It includes an antenna with a 3-foot cable, allowing you to position the antenna away from the computer and where the strongest signal is available.

EW-110G Wireless PCMCIA 802.11G Atheros
 Adding wireless connectivity to your notebook has never been easier than with this 802.11b/g PCMCIA card, assuming your notebook has a PCMCIA expansion slot. If not, adding wireless connectivity with this card will be exceedingly difficult, and highly unlikely to yield results.

EW-115G Wireless PCMCIA 802.11G Linksys
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This 802.11g/b adapter is a worthy addition to anyone's wireless arsenal.

EW-400G High-Power 802.11g Wireless Router
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This high-power Buffalo 802.11g MIMO Wireless offers WiFi speeds 6 times faster than standard 802.11g, with full backwards compatibility with standard G and B devices. Extend your range up to 3 times further than G and reduce dead spots with MIMO technology.

EW-500N High-Speed 802.11n Wireless Router
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This high-speed Buffalo 802.11n router offers WiFi speeds up to 6 times faster than 802.11g, with backwards compatibility for G and B devices. Wireless-N Draft 2.0 MIMO technology offers speeds of up to 300Mb/s -- the fastest available over WiFi.

EW-901 Dipole Antenna RP-SMA-M 2 dBi
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The DataPro EW-901 Dipole Antenna is a drop-in replacement antenna for wireless networking products.

EW-903 Dipole Antenna SP-SMA 4dBi
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The DataPro EW-903 Dipole Antenna is a drop-in replacement antenna  for wireless networking products.

EW-912A Wireless Omni Antenna 12 dBi
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The DataPro EW-912A is a heavy-duty indoor/outdoor omnidirectional dipole antenna with a 12dBi gain. It is ideal for long range applications, such as outdoor access points for metropolitan or wide area networks.