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Rack Support J-Bolt Kit

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Rack Support J-Bolt Kit
It's a bolt! It's a J! It's a fabulous, grabulous J-Bolt!  

80-6076   Rack Support J-Bolt Kit   PAIR $ 16.00   36 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 80-6076 J-Bolts are for securing standard rack towers to a brace or support structure, but can feasibly be used in any situation to solve almost any conceivable problem.

This bolt is similar to any other bolt, in that it's threaded for securing to a nut, and is made of heavy steel so it can support both stuff and things. However, unlike a normal (boring) bolt, these bolts are shaped like the letter "J", and can therefore also be used for hanging, tying, strapping, clipping, looping, locking, and linking.

Imagine the many uses!

Feeling unimaginative? Here are some to get you started!

  • Securing a computer rack to a wall or support brace, for earthquake and vibration protection
  • Hanging Ethernet, video, or other cables out of the way for an organized workspace
  • Hanging art, to class up the place
  • Hanging coats, jackets, or pants (only when alone, please)
  • Tethering a leashed dog, cat, hedgehog, porcupine, or baby tyrannosaurus while you step away
  • Hoisting a swing (only when properly mounted to an I-beam or structural support)

REACH Compliant

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